"Water symbolizes the whole of potentiality: it is fons et origo, the source of all possible existence. . . . Principle of what is formless and potential, basis of every cosmic manifestation, container of all seeds, water symbolizes the primal substance from which all forms come and to which they will return either by their own regression or in a cataclysm.”   ~Mircea Eliade

Wendy Pabich_018.JPG

I crouched at the edge of a tiny creek, meditating on the slip of water as it glided by. It glistened and glittered and I knew it held stories. Tiny water striders flitted around. As I watched, one, and then another, hovercraft-landed on the surface, each assuming an epipleustonic posture that allowed it to walk across the surface in godlike fashion. I studied them and thought I could discern the faintest of menisci on the water surface beneath each leg. But, it was the water depth, the bottom surface, and the sun angle that instead united to reveal the secrets of these delicate critters—their little shadow selves were rendered as beautifully linked orbits across the creek bottom, in delicate paintings of the most exquisite form, more ethereal, mysterious, and larger than the skittering bugs themselves: the shadow realm illuminated. Be like water.